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Personal Training

Personal training services are available from my home gym or yours. I can supply you with the ongoing technical and motivational support you need to stay committed. Programs are tailored specifically to your goals and needs; be it injury prevention, athletic performance, physical fitness or just better health.  Making changes to your health is never easy. 

A trainer can:

  •  Make it fun! I am a professional who is well versed in exercise and fun. Having a fun routine will increase your chance of success.

  • Keep you accountable. Having a booked appointment puts time for you in to your schedule.

  • Build Confidence. Take the guess work and anxiety out of knowing how to use all of the equipment at the gym.

  • Reduce risk of injury. Understand how to execute exercises properly so each activity counts.

One on One or Small Group Training Includes:

  • 1 hour consultation

  • Nutrition and Weight loss coaching

  • Personalized Work out plans